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VMI helps you transform ESG pressures into opportunities for excellence and distinction, consistent with long-term value creation.

Surging demands on companies now go well beyond headline risk. Companies’ ability to raise capital and obtain access to credit facilities and insurance, secure business from customers, do business with suppliers on favorable terms, recruit top-notch employees, and meet increasingly cross-jurisdictional and prescriptive disclosure standards and stakeholder expectations and demands, depends on their better integration of—and disclosures concerning—values and value creation. At the same time as they are seeking to manage these evolving ESG-related pressures, many companies are confronting conflicting views from other stakeholders who may be concerned that the company’s actions are not aligned with a sound value creation strategy, as well as the potential alienation of key customers, employees, and others with contrary views.      


We at Value(s) Management and Investing, however, know that for all the risks and requirements inherent in the current environment, there are also abundant opportunities. Evidence has long demonstrated the critical link between corporate profitability and longevity (or sustainability) and optimal values management. Facilitating your management of these numerous and conflicting demands, challenges, and opportunities to facilitate your company’s attainment of this ideal—identifying, articulating, and strengthening the intersection of values and long-term value creation—is our expertise and commitment to you.


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