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Value(s) Management and Investing
Who We Are (And Are Not)

VMI helps you turn new ESG pressures into opportunities for excellence and distinction.

Companies are increasingly expected to perform functions formerly the responsibility of families, governments, and policy groups.  It is now common for companies to provide:

  • Extensive education and training;

  • Employee benefits ranging from childcare, immigration assistance, student loan repayments, and unemployment aid to health and retirement funds;

  • Leadership on social policy positions and on diversity and inclusion;

  • Management of foreign policy issues such as bribery and human slavery; and

  • Investment in critical national and international objectives such as climate change. 


These surging demands on companies now go far beyond headline risk. Companies’ ability to raise , obtain access to credit facilities and insurance, secure business from customers, recruit employees, and meet rising disclosure standards depends on their better integration of—and disclosures concerning—values and value creation. 


However, for all the risks and requirements, there is also opportunity. Evidence continues to build demonstrating strong links between corporate profitability and longevity, and optimal values management.  Investors, lenders, insurers, and rating entities are in an arms race testing thousands of new “non-financial” (or perhaps “pre-financial”) variables that technology enables them to track to see which predict future performance.   Some of the fastest growing market segments require new types of data metrics.  And companies themselves are discovering performance links to data they collect internally—whether or not disclosed.


Issuers are therefore racing to collect a wider array of information, both for their own uses and to meet growing demands, including demands from customers and employees as well as from investors, regulators and others.


Managing these demands, challenges, and opportunities without becoming lost in a sea of policy issues and without spending heavily to little benefit is becoming essential for non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”), public companies, private companies, investment entities and others.  We at Value(s) Management and Investing (VMI) enable such essential efforts.  We help companies avoid becoming unfocused and reactive in integrating the public good, and instead leverage their core products and services in ways that strengthen both their values and value creation.  Financial sustainability is an essential precursor to all other types of sustainability.


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