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VMI’s seasoned experts offer a wide array of consulting services across the ESG spectrum tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. The below service offerings are merely illustrative.
Laptop Writing

Research and Drafting

  • Design and conduct boards, committee,  racial equity, peer performance evaluations and governance audits

  • Draft, review and update governance documents including governance guidelines, board committee charters, board and committee agendas, board-level policies and commitments

  • Provide board and committee meeting minutes support and other corporate secretary services

  • Create plans and parameters for ESG-related interactions between investors and financial service providers

  • Fulfill ESG reporting goals and requirements to key standard setters, raters and regulators

Financial Advisor


  • Manage and improve the third-party ratings and rankings that affect companies’ ability to attract equity capital, and obtain credit facilities and insurance

  • Address compensation issues, from suggesting new approaches to pay, to fine-tuning established programs for new objectives and contexts, to meet evolving investor and other stakeholder expectations

  • Draft critical pay disclosures and work to secure voting support from shareholders and favorable recommendations from proxy advisors for compensation plans

  • Provide director candidate lists, especially targeting focused searches on women and minority candidates, technology or diversity, equity and inclusion backgrounds, or candidates to fill gaps that may present activism vulnerabilities

  • Work with companies and their advisors on activism-related issues, including director vulnerability analyses and management / responding to ESG-focused campaigns

  • Integrate environmental, social and/or governance (“ESG”) risks and opportunities into financial and investment decision-making and convey these efforts to clients, ESG NGOs and regulators

  • Succession planning guidance

Handshake in the Office


  • Provide full shareholder governance engagement services, from identifying key players, arranging meetings, conducting prep sessions for directors and officers, creating materials and obtaining follow-up intelligence

  • Draft or edit critical communications vehicles such as proxy statements, ESG reports, investor relations and regulatory responses

  • Draft or assist with drafting comment letters in response to regulatory rulemaking or standard-setting consultations

  • Engage with portfolio companies or clients to convey ESG concerns and identify ESG-aligned desired actions

Let's Work Together

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