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For public and private companies we:

  • Manage and improve the third-party ratings and rankings that affect their ability to attract equity capital, and obtain credit facilities and insurance.

  • Supply information increasingly demanded by customers up and down supply chains on which doing business is increasingly conditioned.

  • Draft or edit critical communications vehicles such as proxy statements, sustainability/corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) reports, investor relations/integrated investment decks, investor day materials, executive presentations and speeches, annual report letters, and regulatory responses.

  • Conduct director-education sessions and create board briefing materials (including ESG updates for every board meeting).

  • Provide full shareholder governance engagement services, from identifying key people, arranging meetings, conducting prep sessions for directors and officers, creating engagement materials and obtaining follow up intelligence.

  • Provide director candidate lists, especially targeting focused searches on women and minority candidates, directors with environmental, technology or diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) backgrounds, or candidates to fill gaps that may present activism vulnerabilities.

  • Address compensation issues, from helping to imagine new approaches to pay to fine-tuning established programs for new objectives and contexts

  • Drafting critical pay disclosures and working to secure voting support from shareholders and recommendation support from advisors for compensation plans.

  • Work with companies and their advisors on activism-related issues, especially as ESG issues become more influential in the traditional activism and ESG activism spaces.

For investors and financial service providers we:

  • Integrate ESG risks and opportunities into their financial and investment decision making and convey these efforts to clients, ESG NGOs and regulators.

  • Engage with portfolio companies or clients to convey ESG concerns, and identify ESG-aligned desired actions.

  • Create plans and parameters for ESG-related interactions with other investors and financial service providers.

  • Fulfil ESG reporting goals and requirements to key standard setters, scorers and regulators.

  • Identify and create leading positive ESG screening variables and sustainability-related investment themes and offerings.

  • Help garner attention and build success stories around clients’ ESG-related efforts.

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